Not a ‘proper’ runner..apparently

Posted June 17, 2012 by There'sasixpackunderhere
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I am only too aware that I am not a fast runner

I am only too aware that I wobble when I run

BUT I am getting out there, and I am improving.

This  morning OH and I set out for a gentle 10km around the lovely parkland in central Cardiff, on the way out we noticed some serious looking types in running shorts gathering on the broad promenade . An hour later and at the end of our stagger, tired and working hard, we met them all again. By now their numbers had swelled, they had finished their event and were milling around, and totally blocking the broad promenade. We staggered past a few, dodging in and out, but finally I’d had enough and said ‘for god sake think of others using this route!’ A fit woman wearing a Les Croupiers vest decided to follow us and harangue me for my outburst, ‘we are proper runners, we run all the time, I resent your comment’. Resent away sweet pea, just next time move to one side so other members of the public can get by unhindered and enjoy their activities.

Rant over, just over 11km staggered by an ‘unproper’ runner. Mental note, not to join Cardiff Les Croupiers running club…doubt they’d have me anyway…too slow.

If it wasn’t for Juneathon I wouldn’t have…

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I came upon the concept of Juneathon in 2010, I was a very overweight person who was using running to help me shed weight.At the time of that Juneathon I was 6 months into my journey and had shed 2 stone and could just about run 5km, with a following wind. Juneathon 2010 was a turning point for me

I ran my first 10k at Llanelli

I ran a good 75% of Juneathon

I made some good running friends

The journey started then, and continues. Today I met up with a fellow past Juneathoner, Plustenner, she was visiting Cardiff with her in laws, so our Park Run beckoned. Plustenner had run it back in October, when Fortnightflo and abradypus had also visited, and she knew it’s a fast course.
A big yay as Plustenner got her PB

A big yay to my newbie runner OH who ran his first PR in a respectable 31 mins

A big yay to me, because I wasn’t, quite, the last one home

and a big yay to Juneathon for bringing all these running friends into my life.

Fuel Up

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When I run pre 7am I like to run with an empty stomach, a glass of water is all I can manage, so dinner from the  evening before has to sustain me. Alas dinner last night was a chicken salad, lovingly prepared for me by OH with my diet in mind. I could have eaten it three times over and still wanted more…I mean a hamster would have needed more, honest!

As a result this morning found me in protein and carbs need, and as a result I had zip energy, and I felt every step of my stagger. The lesson learnt, especially while we are doing Juneathon and pushing ourselves a bit more than normal, is ‘Fuel Up’, the key being the word ‘fuel’.

That of course is not an excuse to stuff junk, before you all going rushing to McD’s etc.

Happy Juneathon Day15, 5.6km staggered, one bowl of weetabix inhaled on return.

OH and big cheer to loved yesterdays post!

Things are Looking Down

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There is a bit of ‘mid Junathon downer’ out there in blog land today, so I thought I’d add mine by looking down too. However my looking down is just that, at a dwindling stomach mass area, oh yes Day 14 sees me 1.5kg lighter than Day 1.

I’m happy with that, the legs might be a bit reluctant to run, but at least they are lugging 1.5kg less around.

Happy Day 14. 5.1km staggered at 6.30am, and I’m smiling!

Thirteen is just Twelve plus One

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Day 13 of Juneathon, so some number 13 facts for you

The fear of the number 13 is Triskaidekaphobia

It’s a Prime number..yay to lovely Prime numbers

It’s traditionally the number of members of a Coven

And of course it follows on from the number 12. Yes dear Janathoners we are on Day 13, so banish your triskaidekaphobia and get out there and exercise!

Day13 6.2km staggered in the …Sunshine!!!!


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MY OH is a brill cook, but I have discovered that if he is heavy handed with the old garlic then I suffer.

He cooked a wonderous Chicken Saag last night, but by 3 this morning my stomach sounded like bad hotel plumbing, by 6 I was out in the park Juneathoning, and the rumbling was getting louder. I am not quite sure how I made it through my 6.5km, but if anyone passed me on the Taff Trial this morning, yes I was the sweating, green faced middle aged lady in the face clashing purple top.

Darling man has promised he will use less of the garlic next time

Juneathon Day 12 in the can…

Shuffling Along

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At last it took to Juneathon Day 11 but it’s all shuffled into place

I shuffled 6.5km at 6.15am

I shuffled along and greeted 5 friendly, other early morning runners

I shuffled past a dog walker or two

BUT most importantly

My iPhone was suffling tunes,

Yes after eleven painful days of running to one track on repeat, I googled the problem,and solved it with one button push…hum, well there we go.

So long may shuffling continue fellow Juneathon shufflers, and you annoyingly speedy ones too!

Inches not Kg

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Day 10 of Janathon, OH AND I set off for a 5ker, OH was struggling after his first 10k, so at 4 he peeled off home and I pushed on a bit more to 6.2k.

Back home checked my weight on the scales, have stayed the same, but I have lost half an inch off my waist and tops of thighs. So not all bad.

Great to catch up on other Janathon blogs, we are a third of the way through!

Left for Dust

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Morning fellow Juneathoners, hope your body and soul are holding out.

Todays effort was 10km, my darling OH was making his first stab at this distance, his furthest before being 6km. We set off at my plodding pace and he politely stayed just behind me, at the 5km point along the river we turned back, at 8km he said “I can do this’, and took off. I tried to catch up, but his body got further and further away.

I arrived home nearly 4 mins behind him, I was puce, he wasn’t even pink. But we were both grinning from ear to ear, at 58 my ” I don’t do sport’ man, has discovered the delights of running, plus the odd sprint. Who knows he’ll be buying running shorts next….

Living up to being an Inspiration

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HaHa, apparently my getting up and going yesterday helped Fortnight Flo find her mojo and run I have been mentioned in dispatches, I am a leader of men, I am… yes ok I am getting a little carried away. 

However my Inspirational status comes with responsibilities so I must carry on carrying that beacon etc, so 6.30 this morning saw me once more hit the Juneathon trail.

I ignored the fact that a small tree had brought down part of the garden wall

I ignored the fact that is was pouring down

I ignored the fact that I appeared to be the only lunatic out there

What I couldn’t ignore was that my new ‘Inspiration’ status did not make me any faster, but 5.2km was staggered and Juneathon Day 8 complete

Go for it followers, your leader has set the mark. OK I promise I’ll be more ‘normal’ tomorrow 🙂