Free Style Weight Lifting

An Injury to my hip and back has kept me from running for several months, but as Janathon dawned I started to gently run on alternate days. Today should have been a gentle stagger, but instead it turned into an improvised free style weights session.

This morning we took delivery of 75 fire proof sheets of plaster board,( weighing 18kg a piece according to the print on one side) the delivery man kindly left them in the front garden. My work out had begun. Lifting them was like doing a type of clean and jerk, walking with them into the house reminded me of that TV series ‘Worlds Strongest Man’. It took me quite a while, but I did it, with no back damage…yay!

So Janathon Day 9 – improvised weights session complete.

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4 Comments on “Free Style Weight Lifting”

  1. Sounds typical of delivery men when its heavy! Hope the back survived to run another day.

  2. Shaz Says:

    That’s sounds hard work but rewarding when done

  3. fortnightflo Says:

    That sounds like one of those challenges they would make the biggest Loser contestants do! Well done.

  4. […] to the wonderful hospitality Alma and I received from Sue and her lovely hubby, the stage was set for a great run at the Cardiff half today. We had a relaxing […]

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