The Non Event

Non running day today, so gym trip planned. OH half dropped me off at the gym and that”s when I discovered I hadn’t packed my leggings. By this time I was half changed and had been privy to two ladies discussing their hot flushes,all fascinating stuff. I decided that going into the gym in my underwear would drive me to a hot flush, so I redressed and left.

However I still needed to exercise, so I walked the 4 miles home, uphill of course and in a too warm winter coat

Janathon Day 8 complete, 4 mile, over hot, walk

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5 Comments on “The Non Event”

  1. henniemavis Says:

    Excellent! Way to turn a disappointing gym attempt into a Janathon WIN!

  2. plustenner Says:

    I am sure they guys in the gym would not have minded 🙂

  3. JogBlog Says:

    I left my trainers behind once when I went to the gym one lunchtime at work. I think I got the hump with myself and just went back to my desk and ate crisps instead of going for a walk instead, so well done.

  4. fortnightflo Says:

    Very well recovered well done!

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