Get behind me Satan!

Dear readers don’t panic I have not come over ‘all biblical’ today, I refer to running with lanky lou lou my OH. His slow pace and my fast pace don’t even match, so running together becomes a nightmare for me, as he chats merrily and I am reaching for the oxygen.

This morning we agreed a run was in order, hills and mud were discussed, with me setting out 15 mins before him agreed. We slithered past each other at some point on my return, me grinning going down hill and him just puffing slightly up. Once home, I turned again and ran 1km back up the hill to meet him.

This way of running could save our running relationship, mind you it’s probably not going to help me increase my pace, which running with him would.

Happy Janathon Day 7, 5 and a bit muddy, slippy uphill kms staggered.

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8 Comments on “Get behind me Satan!”

  1. I’m liking the compromise! And isn’t mud brilliant?!?

  2. Jilly Says:

    I SO know where you are coming from. Last time I ran with my OH he said ‘make sure you run fast enough so I don’t get cold’ HARRUMPH! While I am all out gasping, red faced, etc he’s just jogging along. Great blog.

  3. plustenner Says:

    great idea! well done 🙂

  4. Just bought myself some trial shoes!

  5. abradypus Says:

    You’ll have to calibrate your times and start a handicap series. That’ll give you an incentive to run faster 🙂

  6. fortnightflo Says:

    Brilliant idea – and you get to be a bit smug – result!

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