Paint,Curtain Hooks and Hair Burning

A veil of drizzle has hung outside my house all day, so a good day for sofa lolling and odd jobbing.

Task One, pre breakfast, god knows why, I glossed a bit of skirting board . Result gloss paint in hair and on dressing gown.

Task Two, pre breakfast, attempt to wash gloss out of hair in shower. In the spirit of multi tasking I also replaced some shower curtain rings at the same time.

Task Three, have breakfast, thank god at last. Burnt hair whilst leaning over toaster trying to look at something on the shelf above.

Task Four, how to avoid the smell of singed hair, this took me all day to get round to,but yes my Janathon walk was called for. Due to injury I ill not run everyday, so todays offering was a brisk 5km walk.

Task Five, get the scissors out and cut off offending burnt hair.

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5 Comments on “Paint,Curtain Hooks and Hair Burning”

  1. plustenner Says:

    i thought you said ‘a good day for sofa lolling’ yet you painted, did DIY, walked.and did some haridressing. what do you do on a busy day then LOL šŸ˜€

  2. You definitely need lessons in sofa lolling.

  3. fortnightflo Says:

    Oh lets not start talking about weight gain – its just too depressing.

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