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Free Style Weight Lifting

January 9, 2013

An Injury to my hip and back has kept me from running for several months, but as Janathon dawned I started to gently run on alternate days. Today should have been a gentle stagger, but instead it turned into an improvised free style weights session.

This morning we took delivery of 75 fire proof sheets of plaster board,( weighing 18kg a piece according to the print on one side) the delivery man kindly left them in the front garden. My work out had begun. Lifting them was like doing a type of clean and jerk, walking with them into the house reminded me of that TV series ‘Worlds Strongest Man’. It took me quite a while, but I did it, with no back damage…yay!

So Janathon Day 9 – improvised weights session complete.

The Non Event

January 8, 2013

Non running day today, so gym trip planned. OH half dropped me off at the gym and that”s when I discovered I hadn’t packed my leggings. By this time I was half changed and had been privy to two ladies discussing their hot flushes,all fascinating stuff. I decided that going into the gym in my underwear would drive me to a hot flush, so I redressed and left.

However I still needed to exercise, so I walked the 4 miles home, uphill of course and in a too warm winter coat

Janathon Day 8 complete, 4 mile, over hot, walk

Get behind me Satan!

January 7, 2013

Dear readers don’t panic I have not come over ‘all biblical’ today, I refer to running with lanky lou lou my OH. His slow pace and my fast pace don’t even match, so running together becomes a nightmare for me, as he chats merrily and I am reaching for the oxygen.

This morning we agreed a run was in order, hills and mud were discussed, with me setting out 15 mins before him agreed. We slithered past each other at some point on my return, me grinning going down hill and him just puffing slightly up. Once home, I turned again and ran 1km back up the hill to meet him.

This way of running could save our running relationship, mind you it’s probably not going to help me increase my pace, which running with him would.

Happy Janathon Day 7, 5 and a bit muddy, slippy uphill kms staggered.

Ahoy there

January 5, 2013

Our new neighbours here in’t north arrived early, 7 am to be exact, their joy at coming to see their builders progress pulling me from a rather lovely dream. Once they had stomped around for a bit, they appeared in their garden to do some fence making, by now I was making a much needed cup of tea and was rewarded with an interesting scene. The middle aged couple were fully kitted up in bright yellow sou’westers plus matching wooly bobble hats, and were wearing those blue and yellow wellies favoured by sailors. They proceeded to enthusiastically fence build for the rest of the day in their ‘DIY kit’, it wasn’t raining and we are no where near the sea…

As for Janathon Day 5, I went to the gym, tried to concentrate on my core and wobbled out a slow 3km on the treadmill. Hip and back holding out.

Janathon Day 4 was a 5km walk which involved a pub.

Cracking Spine and Short Runs

January 3, 2013

I kitted up and crept out while it was still just getting light, I must admit I love to run when I think there is no one around to see me.  My janathon Day 3 run was still going to be short, but I tried to run a little faster, so by the time I finished my 2.6km at least I had raised my HR.

Run done, time for a hasty shower and then a trip to my chiropractor for a bit of tear inducing manipulation.

Now I feel taller from the spine cracking, and less blob like from my run, it’s time to face the rest of day!

Paint,Curtain Hooks and Hair Burning

January 2, 2013

A veil of drizzle has hung outside my house all day, so a good day for sofa lolling and odd jobbing.

Task One, pre breakfast, god knows why, I glossed a bit of skirting board . Result gloss paint in hair and on dressing gown.

Task Two, pre breakfast, attempt to wash gloss out of hair in shower. In the spirit of multi tasking I also replaced some shower curtain rings at the same time.

Task Three, have breakfast, thank god at last. Burnt hair whilst leaning over toaster trying to look at something on the shelf above.

Task Four, how to avoid the smell of singed hair, this took me all day to get round to,but yes my Janathon walk was called for. Due to injury I ill not run everyday, so todays offering was a brisk 5km walk.

Task Five, get the scissors out and cut off offending burnt hair.

Are You Having a Laugh?

January 1, 2013

Are you having a laugh?, yep my sides are splitting..well it is Janathon 2013 Day 1, and post New Years eve festivities to boot.

Needs must and running kit was donned, my first run in 3 months after a nasty hip/back injury, what was going to happen? Well not a lot, I plodded for 1.2 miles, a short circuit I used when I first started running. There was no pain, and still none several hours, and a longer walk later, I am not in agony, so all is good.

Let the horrors of Janathon 2013 commence!