Out of Space,Out of Time

Space and time seem to be key features in my JANATHON day22 and it’s still only 8am.

I got an early 5km in at 5.30 am as I needed to get into work before 7. I had the parkland to myself, so loads of space there, even if my time was limited.

Legged it into work, lots to do, and that’s when time and space caught up with me. Memory drives all full on my accessible drives on the server, tech support not due in until 8. I am at a standstill, ah well at least I get to do my blog duties.

Tech support now late, ah yes this is indeed going to be a day about time and space…

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7 Comments on “Out of Space,Out of Time”

  1. thebriars Says:

    hope the cavalry arrives soon!

  2. fairweatherrunner Says:

    Hope time and space are sorted in time for a chilled weekend.

  3. plustenner Says:

    hope it is all sorted now! have a good weekend, are you parkrunning?

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