Varying my Focus

According to the nice young optician on Saturday,I have done ‘well’ to not need Varifocal lenses until now, apparently most people ‘succumb’ in their 40’s, well yay to me. Well now I am fitted with my lovely new varifocal contact lenses, I can read and see distances again , and the whole thing has got me thinking…dangerous.

We can trundle into middle age and then old age, accepting all the changes in our bodies, or we can challenge ourselves, do new things and enjoy the other things that getting older brings. The children have flown the nest, more time to do the things we want to do and maybe even rediscovering the reason you fell in love with your other half in the first place.

So this morning as I set off on my predawn run, I decided to run a little bit further  little bit faster, sod the tired legs!


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8 Comments on “Varying my Focus”

  1. Thanks for the motivation! Was feeling a bit blaaa and lazy…. Got me out to do my Janathon and I added an extra mile just because I could!
    Next stop the opticians so I can see what I’m tying on my iPhone!

  2. […] I felt surprisingly good and really enjoyed it once I got out and going.  Thanks Sue for a little extra motivation from reading your blog that made all the difference.  I even […]

  3. plustenner Says:

    you are only as old as you feel 🙂 some days I feel 25 and other days I feel 85 LOL

  4. zoecakes Says:

    Well done you! 🙂

  5. […] Whoops got it wrong in yesterdays blogging effort, travellinghopefullys Garmin is called Miles and not Nigel, sorry, I hope he hasn’t gone into a IllneverfindanotherGPSsignal sulk. Sooo yesterdays blog should have been called ‘I can see for Miles and Miles’, another golden oldie which I am now humming in my head, and of course I can, now I have got my new and wonderous varifocal contact lenses, see varying my focus […]

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