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The Caped Crusader

September 17, 2011

My work location for the next few months means I can ride my bike to and fro, a nice 12km a day, so a bit of a calorie burn at least. Down side long hours, so my chances to run are getting squeezed. No showers in the work place, so a lunchtime run not really possible.

I did fit in  a 5km on Monday at 5.30 am..eeek…my duff knee did not complain too much, so good news.Syching myself for another run once I have finished this, and the downpour outside has stopped.

However I digress, my post is bike focused, well bike dress code focused. Keeping dry, without lugging lots of ‘just in case’ waterproofs with me, is always an issue, so I have purchased a bright yellow cape. It does the trick, folds up small, goes over whatever I’m wearing . HOWEVER…I do look less of a super hero,and more of a pedalling duck. I think, when wearing it, I can claim to be mobile entertainment for small children.

The noise of rain outside is ceasing time to pull on my running kit, and push that knee a bit, can one run in a cape …..