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Running with my eyes wide shut

July 29, 2011

Just spent a fun week in Polzeath, Cornwall, surfing and body boarding with the younger members of our combined family. The weather was warm and sunny, the waves were great, and the OH excelled with keeping us all refuelled.

I took my running kit, and explored a couple of cliff top 3 milers, hilly,but wonderful views. Eldest step son also took the same routes and came back in the half the time I took…guess he wasn’t stopping and taking in the views…

I thought I had it cracked, the surf activities, running and some biking were going to keep me fit, and then on Wednesday  night I went for a nocturnal wander. I have sleep walked ever since I can remember, I blockade hotel room doors, I tie up windows, but sometimes I forget.

  I think I got off quite lightly considering I slammed into the wall at the bottom of the stairs, I guess being asleep and relaxed probably saved me. My knee is also swollen up, so no running for a few days, while that recovers.

My son has suggested that from now on I should sleep with a rope tied around my leg, which is then attached to the bed frame…he might be right.

Anyway here’s to a speedy leg recovery, I am supposed to be running the Regents Park 10k with plustenner and fortnightflo a week Sunday, well saying ‘hello’ before they sprint off at speed, and I don’t want to miss that.

Working the Bingo Wings

July 20, 2011

Bingo wings, the expression makes my OH chuckle, the sight of mine makes me want to weep. I cannot believe any of you out there don’t know what they are, but just in case:

Large, saggy flaps of skin under the arm are colloquially known as bingo wings, after the phrase was popularised by the comedy television program Bo’ Selecta!..  ( thanks Wikepedia)

I have arm muscle definition from all the free weights that I do, but still the Bingo Wings remain, so today I decided my gym session would be a ‘Banish the Bingo Wings’ session. 

I did 4km on the rowing machine, tried to use more arms, and less legs and back. It kind of worked because when I finished my arms were so wrecked I couldn’t use them to get my feet out of those horrid feet thingees. I felt a sense of panic, was I going to remain strapped to the rowing machine, much leg jerking later I escaped, leaving one trainer firmly gripped, footless, in the ‘ horrid feet thingees’. Shoe was retrieved and I limped away toward the free weights, watched by the 4, sweatless,women on the cross trainers.

The free weights area was quite busy, there was the usual group of men who take it in turns to lift a weight while the others watch, whilst taking up A LOT OF SPACE. They looked horrified as I started my arm busting set, especially when the Bingo Wings went into oscillation.

I finished off with some Abs work, grimaced through a 2 minute plank, and then took me and my buddies ,the Bingo Wings, back home.

The Bingo Wings live to see another day, but each day they do get a teeny bit smaller…. I hope.


A reminder why I run

July 18, 2011

I have had a weekend of ‘decluttering’, one exercise was to decommission an old pc. In the process I found some pre exercising days photos.

             I remember the day well, a happy day on the beach with the kids, I had lost a bit of weight and thought I looked ok, this was 2007, I gained another 1.5 stone on top of this before I realised enough was enough. I started my get fit, weight loss journey in January 2009, I still have a few stone to go, but when I look at the two pictures I can’t help smiling 🙂

The Bug that is ‘Park Run’ has bitten

July 17, 2011

I have known about the great idea of the 5km Park Runs ( for at least 18 months, I have enthused to other people about them, BUT I have never actually run one.

Some end of week twittering between and tp:// revealed that they too were considering running one in their areas. So with our mutual support network, or the I’ll do it if you do it network ,firmly in place, we all agreed to run yesterday.

I wonderful thing about the I’ll do it if you do it network , is one really cannot back out, so despite Saturday morning being positively monsoonal, I found myself jogging the 1km to my local Park Run, yep it really is that close for me. It was incredibly friendly, there were some very fit people there who were just using the run as a warm up for the 14 miler they were doing next, there was Tony in his 70s running his 195 Park run and there was me feeling rather sick.

Being the slow staggerer that I am I went to the back for the start, as we set off I got a bit carried away and ran my first 1.5km at a silly for me pace. The trouble with running at a silly for me pace is that you pay for it, and I did, at 2km I had to walk for 30 secs whilst my HR rate dropped back to something sensible, and after that I staggered slowly on. I wasn’t quite at the back, there were 2 other women behind me, and the back marker who kept bellowing ‘don’t stop’. I got my act together , I’ve run 10K races so what’s the problem,and pulled my pace back up to my target, pulled in 2 runners and then in the last 400m fixed my eyes on Tony the 70+year old, but try as I might I couldn’t catch him, and he finished 5 secs infront of me.

My time 37’16”, last in my age group ( 50 -54), so I have lots of work to do, and lots of speed to find. Yes I will be back, quite a lot me thinks.

Running round in circles, but getting somewhere

July 13, 2011

Like many of my fellow runners I have a half marathon coming up, it will be my first and it’s in October… that soon, oh heck! had mentioned that Runners World had plans (…for…garmin/3301.html)  which could be uploaded to my Garmin, seemed a plan, although not sure how well I will stick to it, but it’s a start.

 I discovered I was supposed to do 4 x 400m reps  yesterday, with slower running in between. My leg muscles were quite sore after a great session with my trainer ‘the lovely Phil’ the day before, trying to sprint wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but hey ho, I am ‘ in training’. I trotted off across the park to the nearest cricket pitch, just over 1 lap of the boundary is 400m, I know this because ‘the lovely Phil’ had used this very place to torture my poor heart and lungs previously.

Just after my third staggering sprint, ‘the lovely Phil’ passed with another client, he stopped to give me some encouragement and introduced the sweating guy next to him as ‘ this is x, it’s his first session, he is just starting to learn about pain’. In fairness the guy looked quite happy, and showed an enviable turn of speed as they carried on their way.

In the end I did 6 laps, with the slower bits in between, I got faster on each one, which was good. It’s nice to know that sometimes in life you can definately be going round in circles, but really get somewhere.

Do we ever grow out of the ‘playground’ mentality?

July 12, 2011

I left school over thirty years ago, and yet I still shudder when I remember the cruel way children can behave toward each other. I had a hard ride, only once was it physical bullying, the rest of the time it was words, or being excluded, things that now seem so petty, but which at the time were heart breaking.

I have through my adult life witnessed the pack animal behaviour surface, and realised that that maybe the behaviour of childhood, is for some, the way they manage adulthood.  Now, however, new technology, and new ways with which we communicate, seem to be inviting people to ‘gang’ up in cyberspace. In the last week I have witnessed grown people making public comments on twitter and F, which can only be seen as bullying. It has saddened me, it’s not what I want to see, I really do not want to be witness to the ‘playground’ mentality.

Twitter, Facebook etc, a lovely way to share opinions, form new friendships, start revolutions even, I really hope my faith in it as just that can be restored

When I need a boost I look at those lost inches

July 5, 2011

I have been at this get fitter, stop being obese lark now for over 2 years, and sometimes the journey has been tough, but I keep going. There have been lots of things which have helped, setting myself running goals, entering races a few months ahead, and the great support I have received from friends, real and virtual. One thing else has been a real booster, I keep a chart of the inches I have lost on my journey, so when the weight sticks for months I can see the inches still going down.

As of today, I have lost

Waist  13 inches

Abdomen 21 inches

Hips  13 inches

Upper Arms   5 inches

My journey is far from over,  I know exercise is the key, but keeping a record of those lost inches keeps me focussed. Good Luck to anyone else trying to discover a six pack!

New Neighbours and new challenges

July 2, 2011

There are ‘new people’ moving in next door today, I hope they are nice , must avoid peeking out of the window, but will attempt a casual stroll by later to say ‘hello’.

 I am a bit of a Ludite when it comes to ‘new’ anything, I resist, I make excuses and I know every avoidance technique known to man kind. Yet I do have a new challenge, a half marathon in October, so train I must, and there in lies the rub, I just can’t get going. Today I planned to run 5 miles, as soon as I woke up I knew it was a no no. I tootled off for 1 trifling mile, not worth washing your kit for and am now sulking.

It is however a glorious day, so I will ride my bike down to the beach and contemplate my need to start training properly… and then later I will take a look at those ‘new’ neighbours…