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Merit, mathematics and miles

June 30, 2011

First can I say ‘ Congratulations’ to all of you completing Juneathon, you must all be feeling so pleased, just really sorry that injury stopped me joining in…but there is always Janathon!

Secondly I am delighted that, after a twitter conversation between us re Prime numbers, decided to read up on them, her comment was ‘ now that was interesting’. I can’t possibly believe our leader was being slightly sarcastic and found the subject anything less than fascinating, so I shall bask in the glow that I have truly enlightened someones day!

Thirdly, I ran 1 mile ( a prime number btw) exactly this morning, but not just any old mile, but the fastest one I have ever run…so is this a sign that I might just be going to see some improoved pace all round…. do hope so.

By the way how many others of you Juneathoners ran a prime number of miles in total?

And then the ceiling caved in

June 23, 2011

Went for a novel approach to Juneathon today. OH, much delighted at my recovered back, announced last night ‘ Great we can pull down the living room ceiling tomorrow’. Oh deep joy indeed. This morning found me face masked, eye googled, hand gloved and smothered in 200 year old lathe and plaster, bloody disgusting. OH having fun pulling it all down, me of course underneath shoveling it up.

My Juneathon Day 7 complete, 4 hours hard ceiling shoveling, that will be all for the day. OH needing to work hard now to restore bonus points.

A ‘cunning’ plan..which wasn’t…

June 22, 2011

  Todays cunning running plan

 Run 3 miles DOWN to the nearest town

Take bus BACK up to 1 mile from home

                                                       Run the last mile

Simplicity itself, step 1 completed. Step 2, hop on bus. Done, looks of horror from fellow passengers at red faced, sweaty woman, me, but I ballsed that one out.  I was feeling very pleased with myself, I tinged the bus to stop, but it didn’t. I looked confused, ‘Yer on Leeds Xpress, it don’t stop ‘ere’, explained a woman battling with a buggy and it’s contents. Bollocks, plan up the creek.

The bus finally disposed of red faced, sweaty woman,me, five stops on from where I had wanted to get off.  By then the contents of the buggy had smeared most of the contents of its monster munch packet onto my Ron Hills, and the mother had told me most of her life story. Plan in ruins I set off UPHILL across the fields to home.

So much for my ‘cunning’ plan, 4.6 miles run, 3 miles bused, Leeds just avoided.My Juneathon Day 6 complete, congrats to all of you hanging on in there on your day 22.

Warm rain,smiles and fun.

June 21, 2011

   I love warm rain

   I don’t mind getting wet

   I like running where there are no hills to go up.

  Todays run ticked all the above. OH agreed to pick me up at the end of my run, so it meant I could avoid going up any form of incline, nice OH. It was pouring down, but I set off at a rather lively pace, for me, and had the biggest smile on my face. I deliberately ran through the puddles and at one point had my face pointed heaven ward, until I nearly collided with a lamp post. Reading this now I realise that I probably looked completely crazy, but who cares I had fun. OH met me  at our arranged pick up point, with a towel, he really was going for bonus points today!

I ran 3.2 miles in 31.30 min, which for me is rather nifty. My Day 5 of Juneathon complete, with a slight attack of mid summer madness me thinks. Day 21 for the rest of you, hope you have as much fun.

And she huffed and she puffed….

June 20, 2011

Lovely morning here, my back just felt a bit stiff, but pain free..

 So the bull  was firmly taken by the horns and I set off on a tentative run, my first in 3 weeks. Going out of this house, one is faced immediately by hills in all directions, and no matter which way you go, at some point it’s going to be uphill. I opted for the half mile uphill stagger first, followed by a half mile down, before turning home through the fields for a slow climb back to the house.

Job done,  my day 5 of Janathon complete, a short 1.6 miles…but NO PAIN !!  Congrats to all of completing your day 20.

Wind on the Hill

June 19, 2011

No one can tell me,
Nobody knows,
Where the wind comes from,
Where the wind goes.

It’s flying from somewhere
As fast as it can,
I couldn’t keep up with it,
Not if I ran.


And as it was windy, and as I do still have a naff back, and as it’s father’s day..I didn’t run, or swim. Instead delighted in  walking a lovely 3 mile circuit of the village boundaries with 3 of our kids.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have time to catch up, and be a family. Tomorrow will get back in that pool.

Welcome to the Unisex Changing Village Experience!

June 18, 2011

‘Welcome to the Unisex Changing Village Experience’, how,what where?, indeed…these words are emblazoned over the entrance to the changing rooms at my recently opened local swimming pool. If my iphone camera was not defunct I would have taken a piccie for you all to be amazed by. I mean WHO thought that one’s a changing room, what experience am I about to have…

 Do they secrete flashers to leap out at the unsuspecting?

Will there be a Greek Adonis not wearing much for me to admire..well I am of ‘that age’…or..

Will I go in female and come out Unisex?

I think this is signage gone mad

ANYWAY, she says drawing breath ,and trying to forget the possibilities of the Greek Adonis, I managed 50 lengths of the pool today, mixed it up with 1 length fast as I could crawl, with 1 length of’ oh god I’m dying’ breast stroke.

My day 3 of Juneathon complete, to the rest of you, for whom it is day 18 done and dusted, a big ‘Bravo’.


101 Lengths with Cruella Deville

June 17, 2011

Hah well peace and love in pool land could not last. Todays swim found me ambling along in the slow lane.In the fast lane  2 super speedies , in my lane of choice,  medium, two guys doing massive wake generating crawl, but not going very far in the process. The slow lane was empty and all was well in the world, until I had just passed the 50 lengths mark.

Enter 3 ladies, who ignoring all the ‘please swim in anteclockwise direction’, headed toward me 3 abreast, chatting while ‘swimming’at a speed which even embarrass the slow lane. Bollocks, I dodged them twice and then Cruella emerged

I tried to bite my tongue, but Cruella was in control

‘Excuse me , the signs on lane etiquette are there to avoid any ambiguity. Would you please follow them?’

I was met with the response that I should not be in the slow lane if I wished to actually swim

Cruella: ‘ and you shouldn’t be in the slow lane if you are only going to crawl( not the swimming type)’

Clucks and splutters  from the threesome. one even splashed me. Luckily a very nice life guard came over and reinforced my point. Cruella withdrew, the ladies did one indignant lap, and left…phew!

Lane rage over, I continued, nice lane users came and went,Cruella was firmly out of sight. I completed 101 lengths and went home. Can I risk returning tomorrow, will Cruella reappear, who knows.

I have finally entered the fray

June 16, 2011

Sound the trumpets, bang on the drum, sixpack, the finely tuned athlete that I am, has begun her Janathon. Still can’t run, but my back is now ok enough to drive, so I was able to get to my local pool. I have a mild aversion to swimming for exercise, probably due to having a mother who was a swimming coach, so my younger years were spent doing endless lengths of pools, at ridiculous speeds , for what felt like bloody hours on end. However Juneathon needs must, I executed a plodding 70 lengths, managed to avoid lane rage, though came pretty close with one plonker ,and escaped just as a party of school kids arrived for their screaming session, sorry swimming lesson.

So it’s 1 mile up on the ‘leastmilesaccomplishedinJuneathon’ looser board…not that I am competitive in any shape or form. Oh and I was very disappointed when I was swimming not to also see a nice man with a bike, like runtezza mentioned in his blog

Forgot how hungry swimming makes you, someone peel me a grape… please.

I am wearing my Shock Absorber…

June 15, 2011

Yep the trusty ‘nonshallmove’ sports bra is indeed being worn….

Does this mean Juneathons highest ranking non runner has finally thrown off the shackles of back injury….



                                                         ‘fraid not.

I seem to be suffering a slight clothing mislocation, eg most of my ‘smalls’ are in the Cardiff house, but I am currently in the Yorkshire house. OH enthusiastically rounded up all our washing this morning whilst I was showering, on coming to get dressed I discovered I was lacking in the support wear that is mandatory for my upper body, whoops! 

Fortunately my running kit has been patiently sat waiting for me to start Juneathoning, so my wonderful Shock Absorber was donned, i went for the black, not the turqoise,and very fetching it looked under a white tee shirt.

So I am up on my feet, I do have some of my running kit on… but there is no way  I can run….

Happy halfway through, might put my running socks on as well tomoz.