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Pockets and Zips

May 28, 2011

I like pockets with zips on my running kit, and on winter tops they are a plenty, on running bottoms they are a plenty. SO WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND A LADIES SUMMER RUNNING TOP WITH A ZIP POCKET?

I am not greedy but iphone, keys and a bit of cash take up space, and they don’t all fit into the teeeeeny weeeeeeny pocket on my running pants. So far in my quest I have found one Nike  short sleeved top with a zip pocket, otherwise zilch. In the Halle Hansen shop Mr nice salesman asked why I carried so much stuff, madeit sound like I was lugging my make up bag with me, and still tried to sell me his wonderful wicking top, of the great colour scheme with zero pockets.

OK rant over, but please Mr Summer top manufacturers think pockets

Bracing Myself

May 27, 2011

Yep I have braced myself for the rigours of Juneathon quite literally. Forty plus years since my teeth were last encased in enough metal work to envy the Eiffel Tower, I have ventured down the road to orthodontic glory again. Why, because I hate smiling, because I hate my wonky upper teeth. This time the brace is a confection of plastic and springs, and I now have developed a trout pout, and seem to be in saliva making overtime…how lovely.

So braced, I am ready for Juneathon. Juneathon 2010 I bunked off a few days,but did run my first ever 1ok. Janathon 2011 I went hardcore and ran everyday, and loved it. Heaven knows what will happen this time,but with bracey on board perhaps I should avoid smiling at fellow runners, it will probably terrify them!

A big ‘Hello’ to Juneathon newbies and old faces, we are off again!

De knotting, a new pass time for couples of a ‘certain’ age

May 17, 2011

I was a girl guide for my sins and learnt to tie reef knots and granny knots at an early age, now the only knots I am tying are the ones in the muscle of my right calf.. and they don’t half ache. So much so that after my 3 mile hilly run this morning I summoned the OH to the bedroom and asked him to massage my calf. I let out loud shrieks as his fingers found the offending knots and after a few minutes he starting yelling that this was not a good angle for him, and it was killing his back.

I think we may well have traumatized our young neighbours, after all we are wrinklies and noises like that are not supposed to come out of the boudoir. As for de knotting I highly recommend it as a pass time, my calf feels heaps better, OH on the other hand is nursing a strained lower back.

I leave you with conversation heard in pub last night

Woman: ‘ well water does run away, but I don’t know about electricity’

Man: ‘ Nor me, but I do know that blood flows down one leg and up the other’

Happy running

Snoozing on the back seat of the car

May 16, 2011

Due to total organisational meltdown by me and the OH we arrived in Yorkshire in one car, very green, but crap for our weekend plans. Yesterday I was running in the Manchester 10k and OH was working on the TV coverage of the same thing, him starting at 6.30am and me not running until 12.30. After much looking at train timetables, I decided to go with him in the car, meaning a 5am alarm call. Armed with my weetabix in a tupperware and the Sunday papers we set off, after parking at ‘ Charity Village’ site, OH went off to work and I crawled onto the back seat and went back to sleep.

A few hours later found me trying to unbend by dead legs, and stumbling out of the car to greet the world. Windy and showery weather met me as I exited the gloom of the underground carpark, lovely running weather.

The run itself was fun, lots of loos, live music every 2km and really encouraging bystanders. I was running in the last phase, it was sometimes slow going trying to weave around the walkers, but otherwise uneventful. My 2nd 10k was completed 5 mins faster than my first one, so something to be pleased about and I felt reasonably strong all the way round, if not very fast. I have left Fortnightflo plenty of scope to thrash my time, at the London 10K, as only one of my miles was under 11 mins.

Race over, I went and said hello to the nice people on the NSPCC stand, who I was running for, then headed back to the car. After a change of clothes, I wandered over to Costa coffee for a panini. Unfortunately I came over ‘ all faint’ and narrowly missed being bundled off in an ambulance by well meaning coffee drinkers. Rather green faced, I crawled back onto the back seat of the car and fell into a lovely sleep, until OH finished work, and woke me up…how inconsiderate!

I would like to say I am feeling as fit as a fiddle today, just had not fueled up enough before the run. What a drama queen!

I am still staggering

May 12, 2011

Oh dear my last blog was in February, very poor blogging indeed. Well I am still here and I am still attempting to become a faster, slimmer runner…can I add younger there too, probably not!

I have upped my daily run distance to 3 miles and my long run to 6 miles, my speed is slowly inching it’s way down, but slowly is the word.

Following a biking accident, 30 years ago, I had a total removal of the meniscus from my right knee, of course the delights of the ensuing wear on my bones is now with me. Normal running is ok, but I do find if I over do sprint training my knee is very painful. So the process to run faster is a slow one, but I will get there.

On the weight side it is still coming off, horrifying to think I have lost over 20 inches from my stomach alone! I have started to wear a pedometer and really make sure I cover over 12000 steps each day… anything to try and keep my metabolic rate  up all day.

I am running the Manchester Bupa 10k this Sunday, fingers crossed that I will come in under my PB for my last and first 10k ran last June. Will post a report to letyou know how my stagger went, disappointed to hear that I won’t be able to run with Paula, apparently she is ill…