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You reap what you sow

February 19, 2011

I have been over indulging this week and under exercising, I have only got 3 runs in, 2 of which were only 1.5 miles. This morning I set out to do some more intervals and paid the price of bad food input all week, it was not nice and after only 2 miles of 3 mins fastish for a tortoise, 2 mins slugspeed, I turned for home.


1.don’t eat crap

2. give myself a good talking to

3. sign up for some races, so I have a goal to work toward…ideas peeps?

Now I am off for a self pitying wallow in the bath

And the beat goes on…

February 17, 2011… sung by the Whispers circa late 70s, I am sure I must have danced around my hand bag to it  many a Saturday night in my youth.

 What am I on about? , beat, rhythm, pace…ah yes pace and my lack of it when it comes to running. My aim post Janathon is to do something about it, so yesterday morning I set off in the morning darkness with 3 step intervals 175 max on my ipod. The 5 min warm up was ok  and then just as the lovely Martin Yellings voice was counting me into the next stage my damned ipod jumped to the cool down. Now I was in a fix, if I stopped to fiddle with my iphone, I would probably loose the will to live and it was frosty and dark, so I carried on my run doing warm ups and warm downs…um not quite the idea! But even so when I got back home and looked at my Garmin my average pace was better than it had been for a longtime, so all was not lost.

Did not wake up this morning until 7 so no time to run pre work, but time to blog.

What next?

February 2, 2011

Janathon is done, and it is time to look forward. Yesterday I had a non running training session with ‘the lovely Phil’ and this morning I opted for a total day of rest.

This however cannot continue the running improvements I made over Janathon have to be built on. I need to increase my pace, so it doesn’t take me nearly an hour to run 5 miles! So plans for Feb, will be intervals, intervals, intervals..deep joy!