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All over by the 7am pips

January 31, 2011

Day 31, 3.6 miles staggered in pre dawn darkness. Did not see one dayglo top, hat or gloves this morning…must have been too early for them. Blurted out ‘Goodmorning’ to 2 dog walkers but got no reply, I then thought I should address them in the langauge of this country so tried a ‘ Bore Da’ , but that failed as well. In fairness the sight of me lumbering toward them out of the murk must have been fairly alarming. I think my muttered mantra ‘ it’s the last day, keep going, last day’ also might have got them a little spooked.

Back in the house as the 7am pips went on the radio. It’s done, did not manage to run all of 2010 Juneathon, but 2011 Janathon I have, 72 miles not earth shattering  compared to some, but I am happy. The line is drawn for Juneathon 2011.

Good Luck for last day, those who still have to run and thanks for the company you have all been great.

The looming luminous

January 30, 2011

Day 30  staggered out 3.1 miles in beautiful sunshine, I was over taken more times than I cared to count and dazzled a few times by people wearing  reflective yellow running gear. I know it keeps us safe on dark mornings and nights, but in broad daylight it is pretty shocking. One woman had a top, gloves and a hat …she looked like she had spent too much time near Chenobyl…

Sorry I am whittering, time to get on with the rest of my day… good luck to all of you who are chasing targets today, hope you are getting there 🙂

Bared Faced Running

January 29, 2011

WHOOP Day 29 kicked into touch  4.2 miles staggered around Cardiffs wonderful parkland.

Left it until 10 this morning to venture out, and that’s where it gets tricky, normally it’s dark so lack of war paint covering up natures ravages no prob…but in broad daylight not so good. Also I am a face melter when I run, all my efforts seem to result in a waterfall down my beetroot coloured face.  Never mind I suppose I can think of it as a free facial everytime I run!

Come on fellow Janathoners if you haven’t got out there yet, get moving 🙂

What to Blog on Day 28…

January 28, 2011

Day 28 a 3.2 mile run before dawn achieved, hygenist visited, work started. While my computer is doing that wonderful time consuming thing called ‘rendering’…

…I have time to consider what to blog, no idea, need some divine intervention

Ah I know show a picture of the scene from my son’s window yesterday…

… the sking is good in Vermont apparently. ..

 … other than this nowt to say except keep going my fellow Janonthers, we only have 3 days left 🙂

The wonderful thing about tiggers…

January 27, 2011

…is tiggers are wonderful things! 

Day 27, dawn session with my trainer ‘the lovely Phil’ and I am BUZZING. Such a positive feeling after yesterdays sluggish slog. We did some intervals and some delightful ‘ speed’ work on a incline, I’d like to pretend it was steep, but cannot. Rounded off the session with core work and a jog back to  my house.

Day 27  run 2.3 miles, logged and now blogged. I have to do 12 miles in the remaining 4 days to hit my own little target of 70 miles, I can do that and hopefully keep smiling. Fellow Janathoners, mega runners and those like me, we are nearly there!

I ate a crap meal last night and paid for it this morning

January 26, 2011

Day 26, out the door by 6.15 and sluggish legs told me this was going to be a slog.  Simple truth I ate 3 sausages and 2 slices of wholemeal bread for my dinner last night, that was it. I got straight up this morning and tried to run… put crap fuel in get crap leg movement out.

2 miles run slowly, tomorrow is another day, I will eat properly tonight!

Janathon hair

January 25, 2011

I have a ‘crowning glory’ of  shoulder length,naturally brown hair, with natural lighter highlights…ok as natural as a woman of my age can have… but Janathon is playing havoc with it. My hair does not like being washed every day, it looks best on day 2, but Janathon necessitates a daily shampoo, and my hair is rebelling. Think haystack and we are getting an image of what is keeping my brains warm. Will my bouffant  rediscover it’s ‘bouffe’ after Janathon, I don’t know..but hey it is a small price to pay for the benefits that Janathon has brought. Like building my distance up again, slowly increasing my pace, and most importantly my achilles is holding out.

So only 2 miles this morning, in the dark, well I have to with this hair! Only 6 to go my fellow Janathoners.

Gotan Project, Bonobo and a Nosebleed

January 24, 2011

Day 24, very dark this morning as I plodded off down the road. I wanted to push my pace today, but the body was saying ‘NO’ so plod it was to be.

My ipod was supplying me with a nice little mix of the Gotan Project and Bonobo , and I drifted along in that closed off cocoon that running in darkness gives. Then I felt a warm trickle from my nose,well don’t we all from time to time when running and I’m afraid to say the back of ones hand can come in very handy at such times. The trickle persisted, but so did my feet onward along the river path.

3 miles later I am home, as I opened the front door I see myself in the hallway mirror, my face is smeared with blood. It appears I had a nosebleed whilst running, and I had been merrily wiping the blood around my face..thank goodness it hadn’t got light, if anyone had seen me they might have thought I had been mugged!

The moral of the tale…carry a tissue!

Day 23 done, 3 miles run,logged and blogged. Weary Janathoners we can see this through to the end.

Running Santas and a Farmers Market

January 23, 2011

Day 23, Sunday, and my neighbours started drilling on our party wall at 8.00, they are both retired but still seem to wait until I am home at the weekend to make all the noise. Positve side I was up early getting ‘jobs’ done which I would not have done if I had stayed in my lovely bed.

Set off  at 11, through the park  aiming for the local farmers market, my legs were not terribly cooperative so it was not a very athletic stagger. I saw my first santa after half a mile, and then another and then another, the park seemed to be a congregating point for people dressed as santa. Confused I staggered on, meandered through the market, crossed the river and headed home again. More santas!

By the time I completed my run I must have seen at least 40 santas all heading toward the park behind the castle. Did we have a santa convention here today that I didn’t know about?

Run 3.1 miles , did not buy anything in the market and did not see rudolph.

Eight days left Janathoners, and we can do it.

Footballers and Students and Supermarkets

January 22, 2011

A later start to Day 22, well 10.30, saw me setting off across the parkland just as the Saturday league footballers were arriving. An interesting mix of shapes, sizes and ages, but lots of them. I witnessed one lad of at least 12, having his laces tied by his mother, woman get a grip!. I witnessed the bleary eyed lads in their 20s glugging sugary drinks to try to combat last nights excesses. I witnessed the ‘dads’ in their 30s trying to find their kit admist the chaos of kids things in the car boot. And they all witnessed me staggering by.

Next I hit the University Halls of residence, situated on a cunning little ‘hill’. Not a soul to be seen, I’d like to think all the students were hard at work at their studies already…so nothing to witness and no one to witness my slow sweaty climb.

Going up hill means eventually you go down hill, and I did, past all the cars queueing to get into the large Supermarket. I witnessed stressed out families jammed in their cars, and they witnessed me staggering by.

Finally back into the park and home. Day 22 complete, my heart monitor said it reached 212bpm at one point, shouldn’t I be dead?

Run 3.23 miles  onwards,onwards we are in single figures fellow Janonthers!