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Excuses, excuses, excuses

December 28, 2010

I slipped on the ice and tweeked my knee, that was 9 days ago and I have not attempted to run since. Since then I have carted all my running kit with me from Wales, to Yorkshire, to Newcastle and back to Yorkshire, but it has remained firmly in its bag. I even bought a nice new running top in the sales, but it has remained in its bag as well. I have trotted out excuse after excuse, and now I am panicing because I know it is going to be harder the longer I leave it.

Janathon looms, day one will see me venturing forth out of a hotel in darkest Barking, let’s hope I have got my act together by then!


December 12, 2010

I have been doing some interval training with ‘the lovely Phil’ so yesterday I decided to do my own session with the help of Audiofuels 180max Pyramid audio training. No snow, no ice so no excuses.

It was fun and I was doing fine, until I was 75% through it, and then I was plain pooped, gave up and staggered home. I realised then the snag with using the audio trainer, there is no one there to tell you to keep going and finish, no matter how you are feeling. I am obviously one of those people who just gives up too easliy unless I have to be accountable to someone else…must work on that! But I definately will be using the 180 again, if only to see if I can improve on yesterdays performance.

Energy wise I am feeling better, I must have been going through a bit of a trough. Hopefully Janathon will see me speed up and stamina up… and move off the plateau I am at with my weight.