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Getting Slower and slower

November 29, 2010

7am today was beautiful, freezing and snowy but beautiful..well once the sun came up so I could see it! It was my first session of the week with ‘the lovely Phil’, but my slow running pace was not welcome, however abs work in the snow afterwards surely must deserve a cheer, even if only for sheer craziness.

Well work out survived without broken limbs or hypothermia, bring on Janathon .

Is it cheating?

November 22, 2010

I have been running on empty recently and it’s been getting me down to feel so lacking in energy. I normally run at 6 in the morning after eating some weetabix, but the total lack on energy has been a problem, even carb loading the night before hasn’t helped. So this morning half an hour before my Monday morning session with ‘the lovely Phil’,( no this is not a euphenism for something else, he’s my trainer!) I gulped down a energy syrup thingee that had been lurking in the back of the fridge. Problem solved, felt much better,…but now I’m worried I am cheating, because  obviously there is really something wrong with the way I am fueling my body. Still I’m off to buy more.


November 20, 2010

It has been an age since I blogged but time to get going again as I have signed up for Janathon, the winter version of Juneathon, run and blog everyday. It’s going to be fun !

Back in August I had give running a rest due to a wrecked Achilles tendon, that took until the end of September to heal. Since coming back I have found it hard to get any speed going, but hopefully intervals will help there. Going to concentrate over the next few weeks on gaining some speed and then build up some distance.

Janathon here we come!