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Riding the wave

July 21, 2010

Taking a, hopefully short, break from running to let my achilles really heal, swamped with trying to finish an edit and trying to fit in joining the ‘family’ surfing in Cornwall, at least for one day at the weekend before a new edit starts. All in all feeling a bit frazzled….Yet isn’t this exactly the time when exercise comes into it’s own, just when you are feeling knackered a quick run or work out in the gym can really lift one’s spirits.

So I am determined to make it to Polzeith for a day in the surf on Saturday, I only body board..but it is brilliant fun. I have also been seduced by my fellow Juneathoners enthusiasum and have signed up for Grim 2010. After all, all work and no play makes us all very dull, frazzled, unhealthy people.


July 12, 2010

I am suffering at the mo from  nightmare left heel achilles pain, I rest it for a few days, but the moment I run again it really hurts and , I can’t believe I am saying this, I really want to run.  The ‘ Lovely Phil’ my trainer is worried and today we looked at my running ‘style’, I do appear to land heel first and this is pretty stressful on the achilles tendon. As a result we have agreed to try and change me to a ‘toe strike first’ runner…tomorrow if you are up at 6 you will see one middle aged lady tip toeing around the fields..the daintiest I have been in years…should I wear a tutu too?

Oh and an extra comment ‘the Lovely Phil’ is concerned that I refer to myself as fat and unfit.,after all as I have been under his tutorlidge for the last 18 months  this does not sound too good. So ok lets get this into perspective..I am 4 stone lighter, with 14 inches less on my stomach thanks to ‘the gorgeous Phil’ and his regime, and as to being unfit..that’s only cos I am comparing myself against 35 year olds or less. The reality is I am fitter than I can remember being in the last 20 years 🙂

Beer Bellies

July 6, 2010

Ok I am over 50 and still overweight, but I am working on it, well can’t do much about the age, but the weight is going.  Today I set off out of the village and headed downhill and then across some fields, all very nice, 3km in I hit the main road and had to run past some guys laying cables in the road. What is it about a group of guys working like this that they feel emboldened to make derogatory remarks to any passing female, that is unless she is thought of as ‘well fit’. So I got the full benefit of their opinion on my body shape…still poor buggers with beer bellies the size of theirs it must have been many years since they have set eyes on their, one would assume not very large, reproductive oragans…

Another 5km notched up and another day removed from being a total couch potato.

Temper and tempo

July 3, 2010

I have not been the jolliest of people all day, I’d like to blame it on a knackering day at work yesterday, followed by the 4 hour drive up to the house in Yorkshire, but maybe I just woke up in a bad mood. Eventually this afternoon feeling fat and old I set off for a run…the first 1km was a long uphill and I hit it as hard as I could, my heart rate 182 bpm as  I crowned the hill and my mood lightened. That was until at 4km I suddenly felt totally knackered, staggered for another 1km and then decided to ring the other half to come and get me, and that was where my newly found good mood quickly evapourated. My hot and sticky fingers just would not work my iphone  properly and I couldn’t hear a thing , luckily for me M realised why I might be trying to ring him and drove along my route until he found me..lovely man. Unfortunately for him a grumpy middle aged woman had left the house and a grumpy middle aged, and now sweaty woman was getting into his car..he missed the happy me bit in the middle, I’ll have to buy him a pint to say ‘thank you’.

On the continuing saga of the battle to remove my ‘supernowtshallmove’ sports bra, I discovered today a hook and eye that I didn’t even know existed…no nasty moments with elbow stuck through arm hole for me anymore!

Legs from Hell

July 1, 2010

The challenge of exercising every day for a month is over, it feels like a small bereavement leaving behind the ‘clan’ that I had briefly joined, hopefully all our paths will cross again.

Today for me was a exercise rest day, my lower legs hurt so much, like they are bruised inside…hopefully they will feel normal again soon. One thing I have noticed about getting older my body really does take longer to recover…or maybe I am just unfit and overweight and looking for excuses.

Survived my Welsh lesson tonight, survived being the key word here..I felt like the Churchill nodding dog, heaven knows what everyone was talking about ! Me thinks I need to do a bit of vocab revision!!

Hopefully a run in the morning before work…or maybe not, after all Juneathon is over.