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End of Juneathon

June 30, 2010

The challenge was to exercise every day of June, I took at least one rest day, and some of the others were a little ‘light’, but it has been great fun and I am full of admiration for the ‘guys’ who did a hard work out every day. 

Exercise today 30 mins cross trainer, 20 mins abs

Ooh I have had a nice time

June 29, 2010

Very belated in my Juneathon postings, but spent a long weekend in London celebrating my birthday in the company of the other half who was working at Wimbledon.

Day 25  Just some some Ab work in the house, followed by intensive housework, followed by dash for train to London

Day 26…my birthday..yeeh! Other half working so walked with him from hotel to Wimbledon, 40 mins, tube to Golders Green, walk to Hampstead Heath, another hour walking, and day spent lazing and occasionally swimming in the the glourious ladies only bathing pool there, what a very special treat.

Day 27  Lots of swimming in the sea in Brighton

Day 28  3km stagger round park back home

Day 29  Gym afterwork 30 mins cross train, 30 mins abs and weights

A Day of small challenges

June 25, 2010

I see ‘the lovely Phil’, my trainer twice a week and yesterday morning was one of them. It was a gorgeous early morning and I was in a sunny mood, as I waited for Phil, three lads walked by munching  and as they finished eating just casually dropped the paperbags onto the floor… um littering really pisses me off so bloody unnecessary.  I called after them, that I thought they had dropped something important, I think they were so shocked that they did pick it up and place it in the appropriate bin…my sunny mood continued. I had hoped Phil would take pity on me after my 10k on Sunday, hah a gentle  1k jog to an undulating part of the park confirmed that he had other ideas.  Three timed reps of a 400m uphill( just a slight incline to some, but not to me) got the old heart pumping, felt like a slug but Phil was very encouraging. Then we did some circuits of crunches and press ups, a 1k ish gentle jog back to our starting point for some more ab work finished with a plank and stretches. As always hard work at the time, but fantastic sense of well being afterwards.

Rushed home, shower and change and onto bike to get to work. As I was late the 5k was done swiftly. After work 6K pedal to the Uni for my Welsh class, and there my biggest challenge of the day awaited me..I was the only one to turn up…nowhere to hide! I survived 2 hours of one to one totally in Welsh, my poor brain was fried. 3k pedal back to the house and my day of small challenges was done.

Give Way to Sail

June 23, 2010

When I was a small child my dad taught me to sail in Portsmouth harbour, we were in a small mirror dinghy ( believe me they are tiny) surrounded by, well it felt like it to me, half the fleet of HM’s navy. When I enquired how we would be seen etc, my father just happily said, they have to give way to sail, or in other words give way to the slowest user of the waters. Ok what’s my point, well it all came back to me today as I witnessed the me,me,me behaviour of different users on the combined cycling/footpath route I was travelling along to work. All I would say to my fellow cyclists, if you knock a pedestrian over you are not only going to damage yourself and bike, you have a high probability of seriously hurting the pedestrian. Also I would appeal to runners, that running 2 or 3 abreast on a narrow path is fairly anti social when there are other users. Lastly walkers,  please show some awareness even if you are the metaphorical ‘sail’.

Todays Juneathon cycling 11km at a steady pace.

Sleeping with the windows open

June 22, 2010

My memories of this time of year from childhood, are of drifting off to sleep with daylight still filtering through the curtains and the reassuring sounds of my parents outside in the garden, cutting the lawn, talking to neighbours. Fifty years later I live in the middle of a city and the sounds that perculate through my open window on warm summer nights have changed somewhat! I awoke last night to the sound of water being thrown from a bucket, over and over again… finally I looked at my clock, 3 a.m, it continued.Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I creaked to the window to take a peek, and there was my neighbour going in and out of his front door with a bucket, which he would empty down the drain and then return again and again. Finally the penny dropped, he was emptying the ‘birthing pool’, but why 7 days after the birth(ugh) and why in the middle of the night….

Todays exercise, 30 mins on the cross trainer followed by a delightful mix up of abs and upper body weights for a further 30 mins. It’s been a lovely day..on with Juneathon!

Two stadium bike ride

June 21, 2010

This week I am working at a nice cycle commute distance from home, so the trusty 3 speed steed was unlocked and my knackered legs unleashed upon the pedals. Oddly enough, although I am limping around like someone in a spaghetti western, cycling was no probs at all, bonus!

  It is a lovely ride, bike path all the way, through central city parkland, past the SWALEC cricket stadium, hosting England v Oz test starting on Thursday, next past the Millennium Stadium and finally almost to the sea.

Once at work I was able to put my feet up, while I watched a TV screen for a bit…it is work honest!

Juneathon 21 complete, well might do some Abs work before bed, 11km cycled at moderate pace.

What a smashing feeling!

June 20, 2010

Oh yes I am grinning from ear to ear, just ran the Llanelli first ever 10k, I was slow 83 mins ish but I DID IT, whoop!!

The first 5k was ok, I did it at 7.20 k/h pace, after that I was in unknown territory. At 6km I ran past a girl who had been walking, I asked if she wanted to run with me, Anna accepted and for the rest of the way we urged each other on, which really was the best. We crossed the line hand in hand…thanks Anna.

Feel fine now, obviously a sign that I could have worked harder, only my left tendon is tight. Organisation at the event was great, tons of free car parking, 2 drink stations with loads of volunteers ready to pass the water to you, plenty of loos. Altogether a great experience, now to book my next one. Juneathon Day 20 finito.

Carb Loading with enthusiasum.

June 19, 2010

Before a race carb load ..ok. Well tomorrow may be a distance of 10k, but a race it will not be for me, it will just be about finishing, however one does like to prepare properly for these things so carb loading it is.  I think I may have overdone it a bit, feel stuffed and have not had the spaghetti with exotic italian sauce I had planned for dinner, I wonder if I can pin my race number over my pot belly tomoz..? Also in race preperation mode, spent a fortune having my ‘roots done’ wanted to make sure I looked my best when being stretchered off, um, with possible hopitalisation  in mind I had better wear my best sports bra ( yes the one that cost over £40 and is gauranteed vacumn packing for us larger ladies).

Exercise today involved getting on the faithful stead, the two wheeled variety, and trundling around, followed by some stomach churning ab work, due to my enthusiastic carb loading.

Right time to force some more carbs down my throat.

I have just made it official

June 18, 2010

Juneathon is a great idea, but I have never been one for sticking to rules just because they are there, guess I am not a natural follower, so after a day limping around and knowing I have a 10k to run on Sunday, I have taken an unofficial day of no exercise. Must say very nice it is too, I salute those of you who don’t need a rest. Tomorrow is another day.

Juneathon 17 built in rest days?

June 18, 2010

My legs are really painful, and it has got me thinking about Juneathon and wondering if there should be 4 rest days built in to allow recovery time once a week for these wrecked bodies, I’m not sure that risking injury should be the point of all this.

Anyway early morning session with ‘ the lovely Phil ‘, limped around a interval running loop,  most certainly did not break any PBs. Then a nice upper body weights and core, legs felt looser while I was working out, but the rest of the day I could hardly walk. I really hope they recover before my 10k on Sunday.